The Listener's Journey is more than a spiritual calendar and journal.  It is a year long spiritual endeavor.  There is space to list your verse for the year, this sets the tone for what God plans to teach, correct, build or release from your life for the upcoming year.

Each day displays the Jewish and Christian calendars, a Torah reading the gospel reading and each saint day. There is a space for your monthly prayer list and the scriptures God is speaking over your life during that season. Additionally, there are monthly spiritual exercises, a synopsis of the major Jewish feasts as well as the biblical references to colors and numbers.

It's purpose is to explore how spiritual practice can not only affect lifestyle, work, and every day relationship but intertwine within those and every aspect of our lives. Learning to pay attention on the journey with Christ allows the user of The Listener's Journey to view every aspect of their lives with Christ within them at every moment and within every activity.  

This journey, like so many things with the Lord, begins and ends with prayer. The Listener's Journey engages the discipline of listening and paying attention. It may be necessary at first to set an alarm every hour to remind yourself that within your daily life and activity, pay attention and listen for God's messages. You may also record a dream or vision if you receive one. You may conduct a daily examen to look for a God given message that day. Keep in mind, the Lord can speak through any means He so desires. However, it is important to realize that what He speaks, it will always align with His Word. His message may come through a quote, a sermon note, a significant insight from a spiritual mentor, some participants have even reported road signs as something God used to communicate with them.

The Listener's Journey can help you realize God's presence in every 
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Enjoy The Journey!

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